To dedicate ourselves to the tasks of improving the quality of Pharmacy Education by imbibing students with the spirit of excellence and providing guidance that is compassionate and wise.


  • To impart quality education and to devise an integrated framework that encompasses all aspects of the profession.
  • To support progress through the introduction and effective application of new technologies in teaching, learning and in research.
  • To affirm a commitment to the values of transparency in decision making and openness in access to information.
  • To promote research which is of relevance to industry and commerce, which contributes to the health and progress of society.
  • To be vigilant and promote the nurturing of biodiversity through education and social awareness.
  • To establish criteria for assessing the quality of Pharmacy education and to promote, through the system of quality assurance - 'Quality Teaching and Learning'.
  • To augment 'Self regulation and professional standards' among the teachers to guide the students and to help the institution scale greater heights.