• Respective subject experts for identification of slow and advanced learners adopt the following process. a) Regular classes b) Continuous evaluation c) Interactive sessions d) Results of previous examination. e) Daily assessment in practical session. f) Performance during class tests. g) Group discussions. h) Presentations
  • The college arranges awareness program to the parents and students admitted in B.Pharm I year before the commencement of the classes regarding facilities, faculty expertise, rules & regulations of the college.
  • The participation of the students in class room discussions, performance in class tests, class room seminars, class committee meetings and feedbacks measure their learning abilities and identify slow learners and advanced learners.

Assisting slow learners:

  • Identifying the weak students based on their academic performance.
  • A prescribed mentor book is provided to the mentor for recording the status of the student, starting from I to IV year, which registers the monthly attendance, Mid Marks, failures, discipline, aptitudes.
  • The mentor ascertains the difficulties faced empathetically and provides requisite guidance and assistance by way of arranging special tutorials, lab classes, video lectures and personal attention by concerned faculty.
  • The mentor will be in touch with the student parents and frequently calls the student to update the status of his ward.
  • Remedial classes are conducted in courses where failures are more in external exams. Apart from the conventional teaching, the students are taught using modern teaching aids like OHP, LCD etc

Encouraging bright Students:

  • Advanced learners are motivated to strive for higher goals. They are provided with additional inputs for better career planning and growth like: Offering special coaching for exams like GPAT, PGCET and NIPER.
  • Advising to participate in group discussions, technical quizzes to develop analytical and problem-solving abilities in them and thereby, to improve their presentation skills
  • The institute provides all type of learning-teaching resources which are required like library usage facility for all primary, secondary, and tertiary resources made available.
  • Practical explanation and assessing their knowledge by making certain intervention which is reflected in their term examinations of both theory and laboratory.